Price list

Ceramic Coat Paint Protection

Machine Polishing with 3M Compounds and Farécla products for a mirror finish.

Our Price Only                                            £250.00
Main Dealers                                          RRP £600.00

* Carnuba High Definition Wax        * Surface Detailing Clay Kits

Please phone or email for prices on Carnauba and clay kits.  All work comes with Dealers certificate.


Silver Wash       
Power wash                                                  £4.50
Gold Wash        
Power wash, Tyre dressing & special alloy wheel cleaner     £6.50


Mini Valet
Wash, Vac, inside windows, plastics & door shuts            £25.00
Full Valet
Please call to ask, price may differ if larger than a car ie. Estate, MPV, Small Van etc.                            from £60.00
Full Interior Valet
Vac, Headlining cleaned, seats & carpets shampoo,
Windows & plastics etc                                      £40.00
Hand Polishing                                    from £30.00
3M Machine Polish
(Depending on size of vehicle)                         from £75.00
Full Surface Clay Detailing
This process involves claying the car panel by panel removing any imperfections on the paint surface. Approx.3-4hrs      from £90.00
The Concourse Valet
This process takes around 10hrs to complete inc. Full interior valet.
 1. Claybar Paintwork
 2. Machine Polish
 3. High Definition Carnuba sealant                   from £190.00


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